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All IT departments are affected by the changing needs of their customers, by evolving technology and the mobility of staff as they build their careers through the vast number of opportunities open to them.

These issues will frequently result in the need to recruit appropriately qualified staff to maintain the skills and resource levels required to achieve the departmental objectives. This is a regular business necessity for a modern IT function and will bring with it a number of challenging questions.

Such important questions include:
• How do we minimise management time on these distracting tasks?
• How do we achieve the widest and most cost effective search for the required candidate?
• How do we effectively identify the right candidate from all the CVs we will receive?
• How do we ensure that we have picked a candidate that is likely to want to stay with us?

These are key issues facing the recruiting manager and if the risk of an unsuccessful outcome is to be avoided with the associated wasted time and money, then a detailed process needs to be put in place which can address the questions fully. Which is where we come in!

At Resource Finders we have developed the methods and practices that will successfully answer these important questions (go to the button “Why Choose Resource Finders” to learn more). By taking this core process and tailoring it to the individual customers’ needs we are able to deliver the right candidate at the right time and at the right cost.

We have an unparalleled commitment to the delivery of an excellent customer recruitment service.


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